Helps to relax tense muscles and release pain that causes muscles to continuously ache. Techniques include a deeper pressure, muscle manipulation and joint mobilizations.

*This service is contraindicated for those with patients with clotting problems, or those who bruise easily.


This technique is done with essential oils to enlighten your senses. It allows your muscles to relax with greater ease. Various types of essential oils have different effects on the body. Different types of essential oils can be used to increase muscle relaxation, give muscle comfort, boost immunity and increase energy levels.


Swedish massage is a soothing, relaxing massage that helps with the enhancement of your body’s well being. Manipulating of the muscles, with pressure techniques done with the hands, will increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscle function.

REFLEXOLOGY – exclusively with Keisha Davis – Mackay

Reflexology is a massage technique that is done only on the feet, by pressing on individual pressure points. This is performed only with the fingers.